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In the last few years great efforts (political and scientific) have been undertaken to replace or reduce the usage of fossil fuel in the power production sector.

In Thailand the ambitious target is to increase the contribution of renewable energy from 0.5% to 8% by 2011 (5% RPS for the power sector). Currently most of the renewable energy in Thailand is produced by hydro and biomass power plants. Today, the potential for the expansion of hydro and biomass power plants is relatively low and the cost of photovoltaic power plants are not  competitive.


1) Parabolic Trough concentrating solar power plant (CSP).

Figure 1: Parabolic trough power plant

Figure 2: Parabolic trough block diagram

Figure 3: System scheme




2) Solar Tower concentrating power solar plant (CSP).

Figure 4: Solar tower power plant

Figure 5: Block diagram of the tower system

Figure 6: Simulation result of the of the mirror- position optimization.




3) Solar Tower concentrating solar power plant (CSP).

Figure 7: Solar tower power plant

Figure 8: Block diagram of the dish

Figure 9: System scheme




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