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Currently, there is no subsidy for solar dryer in Thailand. However, there are soft loans available from the following banks which participate in the Government Revolving Loan Fund.


Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited

Call center Tel: 0-2777-7777
Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited

Loan Department, Head Office (Designated Building)
Mr. Khomkrit Borpitpitak
Tel: 0-2296-4638 Fax: 0-2683-1240
Ms. Ampha Panyasriwarom
Tel: 0-2296-3719-20 Fax: 0-2683-1240
Construction & Property Loans Department (Designated Building)
Mr. Supachai Techawanchai
Tel: 0-2296-3739-40 Fax: 0-2683-1266
Siam City Bank Public Company Limited

Ms. Sopa Nonthananant
Tel: 0-2651-7940 Fax: 0-2253-6227
Mr. Jetsadaporn Tantitheerawit
Tel: 0-2208-5380 Fax: 0-2253-6227
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited

Project Department, Investment Banking Operations
Mr. Niramarn Laisathit
Tel: 0-2230-2294 Fax: 0-2236-0501
Ms. Veerana Sruangpho
Tel: 0-2230-1251 Fax: 0-2236-0501
BankThai Public Company Limited

Ms. Nualnoi Chanakaranont
Tel: 0-2626-777 Fax: 0-2633-9060
Ms. Pornpilai Burasai
Tel: 0-2638-8549 Fax: 0-2633-9060
Ms. Siriporn Natheenantasawad
Tel: 0-2638-8546 Fax: 0-2633-9029
Ms. Napaporn Prapaphansiri
Tel: 0-2638-8462 Fax: 0-2633-9060
TMB Bank Public Company Limited

Business Development Department
Mr. Wiwat Khositsakul
Tel: 0-2253-7111 ext. 3265 Fax: 0-2652-8429
Mr. Jetsada Falert
Tel: 0-2253-7111 ext. 3266 Fax: 0-2652-8429
Mr. Watcharapong Inthakheha
Tel: 0-2253-7111 ext. 3267 Fax: 0-2652-8429




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