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Simulation is an important feature in engineering systems. This is especially true for solar energy systems, which are highly time-variant. The reason for this variable behavior lies in the nature of the solar radiation, which varies on an hourly, daily and monthly basis. Additional to the radiation, the load of the system varies with the consumer needs. Simulations with a time step of one hour or less are necessary to approximate the system behavior of the real system.

Complex solar energy systems include collectors, storage and auxiliary power units. By simulating these components in a specified environment, it is possible to make predictions about the system behavior or adapt the control strategy under various conditions. The simulation can also support the design process.  One example is the optimization of the collector area and the size of the storage to increase the price/performance ratio.



1) The the first example demonstrates the simulation of a solar water heating system:


Figure 1.: Schematic drawing of a solar water heating system



Figure 2.: Block diagram of the simulation including:

  • Weather model (radiation, ambient temperature, humidity for every time step)

  • Solar Collectors

  • Water storage with auxiliary heater

  • Controller

  • Load profile






2) The second example demonstrates the usage of CFD simulation for a solar dryer.


Figure 3: Model of the solar-dryer

Figure 4: Flow profile in the dryer and Temperature profile in the dryer

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3) The third example shows the simulation of a solar concentrating power plant (CSP) .


Figure 5: Solar tower power plant

Figure 6: Block diagram of the tower system

Figure 7: Simulation result of the of the mirror- position optimization.

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